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Lemon Zing

Lemon Zing

PriceFrom C$8.00

MSRP - 80 g - $18   

                40 g - $12

This tea is my favorite sun tea; for when brewed it is a beautiful crimsom color! I like it hot after a meal or on ice on a hot afternoon! I have blended Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus and Ginger for a very refreshing cup of tea! Enjoy! 


Hibiscus: may lower high blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, support the immune system, improve digestion and support both the liver & kidneys.


Ginger root: contains anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Ginger can help ease pain in the body and reduce irritation/inflammation or other discomforts caused by a cold or flu. It's expectorant properties help loosen the mucus from lungs and sinuses. As a diaphoretic, ginger root helps to warm the body to promote sweating to flush out toxins. Its antispasmodic properties may help to reduce stomach cramping if flu symptoms are present.


Lemon Verbena: has a wonderful lemony aroma and refreshing flavour. There's is a long history of its use in traditional medicine for treating colds, fever, anxiety, indigestion, spasms, and insomnia. It is also popular as an infusion for boosting the immune system and a natural aid for weight loss. 

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